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Organic farming

We pride ourselves to be able to provide healthy food sources for our family and anybody else interested organic food. We grow our crops in a natural way and choose quality over quantity. We remove pests in an ecological way and use organic fertilizers only. We aim to keep our soil enriched with nutrients and effective micro-organisms that stimulate crop growth.


We believe that natural systems work hard…..

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Weblog and Video log from the very beginning…


Fresh organic eggs and vegetables being grown as we speak…


Adding value to the local community…

“The Main Principles of Organic Farming”

The principle of health; organic farming is intended to protect and enhance the health of all living organisms, including humans.

The principle of ecology; organic farming should protect and benefit the environment, climate, natural habitats, biodiversity, air, water, and soil.

The principle of fairness; provide socially and ecologically appropriate management over environmental resources.

The principle of care stresses precaution and responsibility as the key concerns in organic farm management.

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